I believe in a future where all data, including our identities, is self-sovereign and secure. A future where high-quality information flows freely and to the benefit of its creators in perpetuity. Most importantly, a future where inefficiencies and ecological misalignments no longer exist in our financial, logistics, healthcare, governance, and commerce systems. My endeavors strive to bring this future to reality.


As a Co-founder and CTO / CEO I’ve built four different companies, hired and managed teams from 2 to 35, and helped raise over $14 million dollars from pre-seed to series A.


With over 17 years of programming experience, my capabilities span cloud infrastructure, backend, frontend, mobile, machine learning, data science, database administration, distributed systems, payments infrastructure, and more. Many of the applications I’ve built required military/aerospace grade security and were capable of handling hundreds of millions of requests.

Web3 Pioneer

The next phase of the internet is approaching rapidly. Unlike Web 1.0 to 2.0, the transition will not be incremental but, instead, a fundamental shift in how we interact with and use the internet. As an early contributor to the blockchain industry, I’ve witnessed the pace at which technology advances first-hand and I’m constantly striving to stay one step ahead. My goal is to identify and have a positive influence on the technology that will eventually shape our online interactions and identities.